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About PUZZLES LAMPS lights

The Puzzle Lamp is an innovative lighting design system which allows to create choreographic atmosphere for parties, events, and weddings or simply create an interesting feature in the house or outside in the garden.

They can be suspended from the ceiling or laid on the floor or as centerpieces  to create romantic and suggestive feeling in restaurants and receptions.

Start the fun and master the puzzle to create amazing scenography!

The components are made of semi-rigid polypropylene plastic that can be easily bended and interlocked between each other to create the desired shape. This material is also heat resistant to accommodate the light bulb inside the lamp. However it is always preferable to use LED lights or high efficiency light bulbs.



Puzzle Lamp shapes

How to assemble the puzzle lamp and to construct the desired lampshade (Jigsaw, IQ, Smart, Ze lighting)

First of all, we choose the shape of the lamp which we want to assembled and therefore we count the number of the puzzle's components needed to construct the lamp.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

On the photo there are 22 different design shapes and their respective number of components needed to solve the puzzle and create the lampshade. For example, the first two lamps on the left are assembled using 9 components while to assemble the last lamp shape on the right requires 120 components to make that lampshade.

Puzzle lamps Component Colors

The components are made in 12 colors

There are 12 colors to choose from and they can be mixed and matched to create colorful lampshades with unique style.

Puzzle Lamps Component Sizes

6 Components size

There are 6 component sizes (XXL - XL - L - M - S - XS) to make the same lampshade bigger or smaller. For example, to assemble the standard round puzzle lamp with 30 components the lampshade diameter dimension is respectively 55cm, 43cm, 34cm, 23cm, 18cm and 12cm.The same principle applies to all others lamp shapes.

Puzzle Lamps standard

Manual instructions

Follow few simple step-by-step assembly instructions to make your desired lampshade. The puzzle design here on the left will assemble the standard round light, though, the manual contains all 22 puzzle designs to assemble those in the first photo above. Once you master the puzzle you will be able to assemble many other shapes.

Click on puzzles lamps manual instructions to view a video and few simple steps to get you strted.


Puzzle Lamps white

Buy online puzzle lamps and start the fun

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