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Manual Instructions PUZZLES LAMPS

Step-by-step how to assemble a standard puzzle lamp


Puzzle Lamp shapes

How to link the components

All Puzzle Lamps components are identical. They have a front and back side. The standard puzzle lamp, as well as and many others shapes, are assembled using only the front side. Each component has two curved and two straight edges.

Puzzle Lamp shapes

A curved edge is ALWAYS placed over the straight edge of another component.

Puzzle lamps Component Colors

How to asamble a round lamp with 30 components

Please see the diagram...Let's start assembling a rosette with 5 components!

1st row: 5 components
2nd row: 5 components
3rd row: 10 components
4th row: 5 components
5th row: 5 components

Follow the steps from the image to asamble first 5 components of your first rosette.

Puzzle Lamps standard

The 5 components of the 2nd row are attached one by one in a ring around the 1st row rosette.
Turn the formed 2 rosetts upside-down, so the object sits on th table like a bowl. Check that all hooks are joined correctly.

Keep joining the rest of components in the same way until the lamp is formed ready.

4th row narrows the sphere and the 5h row closes the rounded puzzles lamp.

When the lamp is composed, check that all curved edges cover all the straight edges. Check each row and if a mistake has occurred, first check that all front of the components are placed outward. It might be easier if you mark front or back sides, so they can be easily distinguished.

How to use the puzzles lumps

After the lamp is formed, the cable / cord with socket and light bulb can be inserted. The lamp has 12 joints with 5 hooks in each, and 20 joints with 3 hooks in each. Loosen 2 of the hooks in a joint of 5 and squeeze through the cable and place the light bulb in the middle of the lamp.

Close the hooks around the cable.

To check the position of the light bulb, you can unhook/open a component io the side of the lamp.

Please note that the maximum wattage in the round 30 components lamp is 100w. Smaller lamps require less powerful light bulbs.

Puzzle Lamps white

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